Common Table

“By gathering around a common table, we hope to reduce hatred and fear among the world religions, make friends, and form deep connections with people of other faiths.”

In November 2012 the first Common Table Supper Club was formed.   The group is comprised of 5 different faiths:  Leah and Neil Elenzweig (Jewish), Siva and Indu Soora (Hindu), Sofia and Qayyim Said (Muslim) Ashley Huddleston (Buddhist) and Dora Jane and Greg  Flesher (Christian). We have had so much fun getting to know each other.  The first dinner we brainstormed about when, where and how often we’d structure our group.  The second dinner we all brought a favorite dish from our childhood and shared stories about why that dish was memorable for us. Our latest dinner was very special. The Elenzweigs hosted a traditional Seder dinner. Neil led us in the reading of the Haggadah and we followed the rituals and blessings of the Passover story.  Of course food is a very important part of any Seder dinner so we enjoyed eating and learning about the traditional Seder dishes.  Next month we have planned a picnic and hike.

Personally I have loved getting to know people of different faiths in a casual social setting. Our various faith traditions make conversation very lively!  At times it’s been light and fun and of course we’ve all enjoyed that. But in addition we’ve also been able to share on a deeper more personal level as well.  I look forward to more time spent around our common table.

Dora Jane Flesher

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