Letter to Lama Tenzin

Dear Lama Tenzin,

The time with you and the children was God’s grace, beauty and love all rolled into one. On behalf of each woman in the group, I thank you for so many things. First, I thank you for your heart. It is your heart that was so moved by the plight of the children when you first met them in the villages. Your heart ached for them to have another way.

Heart is the first step, but that is not enough. Many people have their hearts touched but are unable to put into action God’s huge LOVE. You moved from you heart into having a vision of how you wanted the children to live. From heart to vision, then you began years and years of hard work to manifest your vision. That hard work that was sometimes temporarily defeated by religious leaders that did not escape their cultural conditioning about caste, by bystanders who could not see what you were trying to do,  villagers who were initially skeptical,Maoist terrorists who wanted to be paid,  schools that had no place for you kids, and many other barriers.  Obstacle after obstacle you have stayed focused and with love and energy and great leadership. As a Christian, this is what we aspire to do. We see Christ’s love lived out in your life and that is a huge inspiration.

I am so proud of what God is doing through you. Each day of your hard work is met by the Spirit’s assistance in helping you help the children.

And then the children, what bearers of light and love and responsibility  they are. They, like you, their Father, have a heart for service. The children, like you, their Father, are both very disciplined and very playful. I love that about the kids, great discipline without squashing their spirits. They have a reason to live, goals, something to accomplish and a future that is so bright. They have a heart for service. We need them on Planet Earth.

On behalf of each of the women on the trip, I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Our time with you was a lab school of God’s love in action. We will not forget bathing in the Ganges, the flag ceremony, the time in the orphanage, the receiving of gifts for the children, their songs, and so much more. You were so generous with your time with us. Our consciousness has shifted to include a bigger dose of LOVE because our time with you and children.

Pema in her wheel chair says is all with her smile of hope, her engaging ways and showing us the Peace sign with her newly uncurled fingers.

Once again. Many many thanks. I look forward to hosting you in Arkansas in our home next fall. Blessings in May for your journey. We carry you in our prayers and in our hearts.

The Rev. Susan Sims Smith


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