Love Thy Neighbor: Letting Go of Fear

On September 11, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. the Arkansas House of Prayer and the Interfaith Center teamed up for the 3nd Annual Compassion in Action service. The theme for this year was “Love Thy Neighbor: Letting Go of Fear.” The service was held in the sanctuary of St. Margaret’s and featured special musical performances by John Willis, the Psalm 150 choir and chanters and musicians representing Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Hindu and B’ahai faiths. In addition, youth representatives offered a dialogue of a friendship that emerged despite one being an evangelical Christian and the other a Muslim. The cornerstone piece of the event was a religious reconciliation of ways that respective Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths had perpetuated fear, hatred and violence against those of other faiths. The Rev. Susan Sims Smith addressed the crowd and gave concrete ways people could reduce their own fears of people different from them. The event was an extraordinary gathering of participants from all the major religions. The crowd outnumbered the chairs in the sanctuary and a live feed was offered to folks not able to get into the room. We hosted an interfaith potluck reception after the event, which was very well contributed to and almost entirely consumed. It was a great success, and we hope to expand the potluck next year!

Pictures form the event are below.


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