Susan & Sophia To Deliver Keynote Address at Kanuga Summer Conference

How to respond and be God’s healing agents in an America where so much hatred is rising up.

The Rev. Susan Sims Smith, the Interfaith Center’s Executive Director, and Mrs.¬†Sophia Said, our Program Director, will deliver a keynote address, “The Love of Christ Takes a Muslim and a Christian Woman Towards a Common Humanity,” at the Kanuga Summer Conference May 29-June 3.

Susan described their keynote address: “In this talk we will discuss our love of Christ, our experiences of Christ through meditation and dreams, and how these experiences have taken us both deeper into our own faiths and beyond either of our faith. It is our goal to help others find this common humanity.”

They will also lead two workshops, “Terrorists, Truths and the Heart of Christ,” and “What It Is Like To Be A True American and a Devout Muslim at this Moment in History.”

Click here for more information, and to register for the Summer Dream and Spirituality Conference: God’s Forgotten Language.

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